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Environmental Policy

For all our business activities, we take into consideration the effects on the environment. To protect the environment and realize a sustainable community, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION established an environmental management system, and all members of RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION work to implement the following principles.

  • • Through all business activities, RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION improves the environmental management levels and the prevention of the environmental pollution by not only observing all environmental regulations and mutual agreements but also setting our own rules and regulations voluntarily.
  • • RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION supplies the market with various plastics those are given priority on environment such as energy-saving, resource-saving, recycling, and low-influence to the ecological system.
  • • RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION reduces the influence against the global-environmental and the ecological system by eliminating wastefulness. We reduce the industrial waste by effective use of materials. We reduce CO2 discharge by effort of saving energy.
  • • RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION continues the activity approaching the protection of the environment by establishing documents including Environmental Statement and the Environmental Policy, and educating employees.
  • • RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION sets the concrete objectives and numerical targets of which progress are self-assessed and managed properly to ensure the achievement of the Environmental Policy.
  • • RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION expands the above-mentioned activities to the activities of the relative companies to ensure the utmost consideration to the protection of the environment and the ecological system and the safety operation at the each site.
  • • RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION aims to obtain confidence and understanding from society through appropriate and accurate information disclosure.


Quality Policy

We are committed to observing laws/regulatory requirements applied to our products and attaining our customers’ trust and satisfaction by smoothly and effectively fulfilling the responsibility of quality control activities for the entire product life cycle from product development to disposal, unification of the quality standard of three works and thorough accountability for our customers.

Certification of ISO9001

RIKEN FABRO CORPORATION introduced the mechanism of ISO9001 over the entire group by a cross-sectional method to satisfy customers. We will do the best to satisfy customers more than ever.

  • ISO 9001 Management System Registration Card
  • ISO 9001 Management System Registration Card

  • ISO 9001 Appendix
  • ISO 9001 Appendix

  • ・Certificate of Registration No.: JQA-QM9091
  • ・Initial registration: November 29, 2002
  • ・The certification has been renewed and maintained

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