New arrival information list

September , 2013

Report and apology about misrepresentation of product backside of Riken wrap “plenty 22 cm x 100 m

April , 2013

・New Manufacturing Department established
Establishment of Nagoya Factory, Saitama Production Division and Mie manufacturing department(Saitama and Mie manufacturing department incorporated RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION’s lap production department into our company)
・The first sales department and the second sales department were integrated to form the sales department
・We abolished the manufacturing department

April , 2013

Released about the revision of wrap price for food packaging.

March , 2013

Release of our imported product price revision was uploaded.

January , 2013

New engineering department established
Establish quality assurance group, research group, intellectual property group

October , 2012

Launched Riken Fabro Co., Ltd.
Riken Fabro is business integration with Mitsui Chemicals Fabro and Riken Technos food packaging business.