Q.I accidentally swallowed the plastic wrap. What happens to my body?

Components of plastic wrap will neither be digested nor absorbed in human body and they will be excreted directly. Please consult your physician if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

Q.Is plastic wrap recyclable?

Plastic wraps can be recycled as regular plastic garbage, though regulation depends on each local government. Please refer to your local authority’s guideline.

Q.Does burning PVC wrap produce dioxin?

Dioxin is produced when material containing chlorine is burned at low temperatures (300-500°C), but not at higher temperatures (800°C or higher). Please do not burn Riken Wrap® . Dispose of it like other plastic materials according to local laws and ordinances.

Q.Does PVC wrap contain any substances suspected to be “endocrine disruptors”?

No. Please be assured that we ensure safety.

Q.The PVC wrap has a strange odor. Is there anything wrong?

It is the additives that emit the odors. Safety of the additives used have been confirmed according to the JHP standard (original standards on PVC resin products concerning food) and they will have no negative effect on human body. Our food wraps conform to the Food Sanitation Act.

Q.What does “additive” indicated in the quality label refer to?

It refers to the raw materials required to achieve the functions of PVC wrap. Raw materials used have been confirmed according to the JHPA (Japan Hygienic PVC Association ) original standard and we only use registered addition agents.

Q.Is F.O.R. WRAP burnable? Will it have any negative effects?

The main raw material of F.O.R. WRAP, polymethylpentene , does not contain chlorine and thus, it will not form chlorine gas when burned and will be decomposed into hydrogen and carbon. Burning F.O.R. WRAP will not have any negative effects.

Notes on Use

  • 1)Limitation on use
  • Please do not use this product for purposes other than wrapping food.
  • 2)Precaution against
    cutter blade
  • Please be careful of the serrated edge on the box when handing.
  • 3)Notes on infants
  • Please keep the wrap and wrapped food out of reach of young children. They may cause suffocation once put into mouth.
  • 4)Do not use in an oven
  • Please do not use oven functions on toaster ovens and microwave ovens when using this product. Doing so may result in the product tearing or melting into food.
  • 5)Microwave
    Notes on use
  • Please avoid the tray content from getting into direct contact with the wrap by using a dish with depth when microwaving. Punching in a small hole with a toothpick etc. before microwaving will help remove the unnecessary steam. Please be careful of the trapped steam when removing the wrap.
  • 6)Precaution against
    heat sources
  • Please keep away from heaters, range tops and other sources of heat. Keeping the product near a heat source may cause it to melt together.
  • 7)Notes on storage
  • Please do not store this product near items with strong smell (mold, soap, spice, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, etc.), otherwise odor may transfer onto the wrap.